Message from the CMD

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. The magnificent network transports about 8 billion passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of freight every year through its extensive track cover of over 1.21 lakhs kilometres that facilitates a route of 67,000 kms (appx). Over 3.6 lakh trains pass through 7,000 stations that come under the purview of this massive system.

Though the sector has swelled to a considerable size and continues to expand further, it is still not secured against mishaps or completely rid of delinquencies. Countless number of travellers, especially those from villages face various challenges in completing their rail journey which starts from procuring a railway ticket from the counter and continues as they search for the platform, find the correct train, board it with the luggage, in-transit and while de-boarding and finding the correct direction to exit the railway station. Hygiene, food and first-aid arrangements also fall short of standard expectations and a lot needs to be done towards this end to help Indian railways offer bare minimum facilities to its travellers. Of course the railways disasters claiming thousands of lives in the past few years also need an undivided attention and a competent force committed to limit the loss and secure the lives of maximum people.

Railway Aapda is an attempt to address the above problems and make travel via Indian Railways a truly rewarding experience. We pledge to exhibit utmost sincerity and devotion towards this cause and serve as a reliable organization to bring you safety and comfort of highest standards.

Our Mission

To develop an extensive and efficient network across all railway stations of India and reach out to every person in need of help.

Our Vision

To uphold our motto ‘SEVA PARMODHARMA’ by serving an increasing number of people travelling with Indian Railways in all ways possible.